Eurotruss FD34 Circle average per mtr
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FD34 Circles W/connectors pin
FD34 straight elements lend themselves to use as span exposed to bending stress resistant span up to 16m or as standard tower element. FD34 using the 2mm wall thickness assures durability and strength.

Designed for high-frequency usage or installations, which demands higher loading. Ideal trussing system for rental, touring and exhibition companies.

Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN EN 1999-1-1 & 1999-1-1/A2 (Eurocode 9).
- TüV approved
- Also available in any non-standard length and shape
- Tolerance free conical connector system
- FD34 is also available as a Tower Truss

Technical specifications
Height: 290 mm
Width: 290 mm
Main Tube: 50 x 2 mm
Braces: 20 x 2 mm
Weight: ~6 kg/m
Pin Position: Diagonal
Material: EN AW-6082 T6
Connection: CS1 - CON
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