IDK 4K@60 HDMI Decoder, No SFP+ NJR-P
305004059 leverantör:

Input: 10GbE/SDVoE (Fiber) x 1
Output: HDMI x 1

Built-in scaler, USB-HID, No SFP+ module included

4K@60 4:4:4

The IDK NJR-P01UF is an over IP solution for high definition signal extension via fiber optic cables. This 4K solution leverages 10 Gb Ethernet switches and enables signal management of 4K@ 60 (4:4:4) signals with zero latency. RS-232C bidirectional communication and LAN transmission are also supported.
11 685 kr
Specifikation 305004059 leverantör NJR-P01UF-R