JB M18 Profile

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1200 W RGBYA LED module

The M18 is a premium spotlight with 1,200W multispectral LED for particularly intense color applications in drama, theatre and opera settings.

Thanks to its immense luminosity (e.g. 25,000 lm output at 5800 K), it provides breathtakingly bright light projections even from a great distance.

The M18 equipment package is also impressive and leaves nothing to be desired: including 14 projection gobos, a fully-fledged animation wheel, 2 prisms, 2 frost filters and a 130° rotatable framing module.

When it comes to color, there's no mistaking the M18 Profile – because thanks to multispectral, additive colour mixing, colors are reproduced in a variety and brilliance that is simply outstanding. Furthermore, the CRI 95 of the M18 makes skin tones in particular appear completely natural and the white light color temperature is variable and continuously adjustable from 2000 to 20,000 Kelvin. The M18 comes complete with a whole range of pre-programmed white, color and pastel tones.

The M18 Profile is a true theatre pro with features including:

• Zoom from 6.5°– 54° (1:8.3)
• CMY, RGB and RGBYA color mixing
• Framing module (rotatable by +/- 65°) with 4 blades, each blade can be rotated independently by +/- 30°
• 1 gobo wheel with 6 rotating gobos
• 1 gobo wheel with 8 static gobos
• Endlessly rotating animation wheel for water and fire effects
• 2 infinitely adjustable frost filters
• 2 prisms (3-facet circular and 5-facet linear)
• Animation effect
• Infinitely adjustable high-speed iris
• Large light-emitting lens
• Ultra-quiet 28 dB(A)
• Graphic display, electronically rotatable and with a battery backup
• Flicker-free operation, camera mode: 100 | 120 | 600 Hz and 3kHz
• Convenient to use thanks to 32 kg weight and 4 carrying handles
• The white light color temperature is seamlessly adjustable from 2000 to 20,000 Kelvin

196 650 kr
Art.nr 202002201
Art.nr leverantör VSM181