JB P10 Profile WW (Warm White)

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With 330 watts of LED power, the P10 is the perfect
size to feel at home on any stage. It‘s extremely
handy, luminous and always keeps its cool. You can
simply rely on our P10 Profile. It always works as
precisely and quietly as possible. It doesn‘t matter
whether the framing module is used or in which
zoom range, e.g. from 4°to 60°, its presence is
Thanks to its low weight of only 18 kg and its compact
dimensions, it can be easily carried and installed in the
rig by one person. The additional carrying handles on
the arms of the P10 are definitely an advantage in this
case. Naturally, the P10 Profile also feels right at home
in a permanent installation like a theatre or TV studio.
As you can see, the P10 Profile has everything that
many specialists in our industry have long wanted
from a profile spot of this size and performance class.

The features of the P10 Profile get every lighting expert excited:
• Zoom range 4°– 60° (1:15)
• Framing module (rotatable by +/- 65°) with 4 blades, each blade rotatable by +/- 30°
• CMY color mixing
• Color wheel with 5 colors + High CRI filter + CTB 2
• 2 gobo wheels each with 7 rotating gobos
• Sparkle effect
• 2 infinitely adjustable frost filters
• 3-facet prism circular
• Infinitely adjustable high-speed iris
• Large light-emitting lens, 135 mm
• 4 carrying handles for easy handling
• Ultra-quiet 29 dB(A)
• Graphic display, electronically rotatable and with a battery backup
• Flicker-free operation, camera mode: 100 | 120 | 600 Hz and 3 kHz

Additional for P10 Profile WW (Warm White):
• Variable CTB (linear) + CTB 1

95 513 kr
Art.nr 202002043
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