JB P9 Beamspot HP (High Power)

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A top class entertainer The P9 HP rocks, is versatile to use and enjoys band life on tour just as much as TV appearances or any other type of event. The “Small version” with 330 Watt LED engine (6800 K, 15,000 lm) and a weight of only 17 kg is not only a big player in terms of luminosity and handling. Despite its compact dimensions, the P9 has a full range of effects in its tour case, including 2 gobo wheels, a color wheel with 7 color filters and 2 correction filters, linear CTO, CMY color mixing, prism, frost, etc. A full range of effects equipment in the tour case that is well worth seeing. • Zoom from 3.4°– 54° (1: 15.9) • 1 gobo wheel with 7 rotating gobos • 1 gobo wheel with 11 static gobos • 1 color wheel with 7 colors, High CRI filter, CTB filter • CMY color mixing unit and linear CTO • Electronic shutter with pre-programmed pulse and ramp functions • 3-section prism circular and infinitely adjustable frost filter • Ultra-quiet operation: only 29 dB(A) • Infinitely adjustable high-speed iris • Flicker-free operation, camera mode: 100 | 120 | 600 Hz and 3 kHz • 4 carrying handles for easy handling • Large light emission lens with Ø 135 mm
70 560 kr
Art.nr 202002031
Art.nr leverantör VSP901