JB Sparx 12 RGBW Washbeam Twinzoom

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The Sparx 12 is equally impressive as an effects unit with single pixel control and TwinZoom for backlighting applications or as an
excellent wash light with perfectly homogeneous beams over the entire zoom range of 2,2° – 60°.
The 19 by 40 W of the light 15.5 kg Sparx 12 makes conventional 2 kW spotlights look pale in comparison for color applications.
It also guarantees perfectly homogeneous illumination with a level of intensity, brilliance and speed that's sure to be fun and entertaining.

Sparx 12 – the compact wash beam:
• Patented TwinZoom from 2.2°– 60° (1:27.3)
• Scattered light-optimised, homogeneous beam
• Individual LED single pixel control
• Sparkle channel for dynamic effects
• Overlay of multiple layers with independent patterns
• Optimised color mixing behaviour
• High-resolution, stepless and color-accurate dimming from 0 –100%
• Ultra-quiet 29 dB(A)
• Flicker-free operation,camera mode up to 600 Hz
• Electronic strobe with pulse and random effects
• Separate CTC channel
• Basic colour temperature can be selected

62 790 kr
Art.nr 202001011
Art.nr leverantör VCSP121