Midas HD96-24 Mixer Touring Package

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The console has a number of innovative features and it works with existing Midas DL I/O. Here are the basics: 28 faders, 1152 inputs/outputs in total, with 144 flexible inputs, 96 flexible aux sends, left/right/mono, 24 dedicated matrix busses, two monitor busses, two solo busses, and 24 effects slots, with effects from TC and new emulations of classics built for the desk. It runs at 96kHz, with Midas’s famed processing delay compensation and phase alignment giving a maximum latency of 2ms. At first glance, the most striking feature of the Heritage D is the huge touch screen and the whole design is ergonomic, friendly and solidly built. Internet Connectivity The first of the consoles's innovative features is its internet connectivity to the cloud. This means that firmware upgrades can now be done without a separate download and connection, and various versions can be accessed for up and down grades. All your show files, in every version, time and date stamped, are in your cloud account with no more multiple show files on USB sticks. This also makes remote bug reports and fixes possible. Artificial Intelligence With built-in RTAs using flexible processing (no more taking up effects slots), incoming signals can be analysed and their source determined. While this feature is still being tested, most of the time it can identify instruments correctly and prompt to load the appropriate labelling, presets, and so on. This can then apply to the most powerful feature of the Heritage-D: metadata. Metadata Everything in the Heritage-D can be tagged with metadata including channel names, functions, buttons and processing. This means you can bring up a page showing all channels that are tagged with certain parameters, for example, all channels with a compressor inserted, or gate, or both. Then you can adjust them all simultaneously. Key Specifications • 144 Inputs • 123 Outs (96 Aux, 3 Masters, 24 Matrix) • Time aligned and Phase coherent busses • Ultra low latency • 96kHz True 64 bit FPGA Processing • 624 Inputs 654 Outputs via AES50 • 24 VCA • 24 Pop Group • 28 faders, Assignable controls • 24 FX slots with up to 96 Stereo FX • 10 Year Warranty

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