IDK 4K@60 Digital Multi Switcher, 7 Inputs & 2 Out
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The IDK MSD-702HD is a high-performance digital multi switcher with a scan converter and up to 7 inputs and 2 outputs.

For video input, 7 digital and 2 analog inputs are included and the following signals are supported: HDMI, DVI, composite video, Y/C, analog RGB, and analog YPbPr signals. Input video signals are converted to HDMI and HDBaseT (2 outputs) signals simultaneously, and output at a resolution up to 4K@60.

For audio input, 7 digital and 3 analog inputs are included. Selected audio signals are output to digital audio and analog audio. Audio level of each input can be set individually. The lip sync function corrects the gap between the video and audio.

This switcher also has RS-232C and LAN ports as communication ports for control to enable you to set menus remotely. You can also control external devices that are connected to the MSD-702UHD over RS-232C, LAN, CEC, or contact closure by registering external control commands. The waiting function helps you to send external commands after cooling time passes as power supply control of projectors or the like. External control commands can be executed from front keys, RS-232C, or LAN; they can also be executed when input channel selection keys or power supply key is operated.

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Specifikation 305001029 leverantör MSD-702UHD