PROEL 4-Channel Power Unit 4 x 125W
160006001 leverantör:
This series of audio power amplifiers was designed to fulfil an evolving market in the most flexible and professional manner.
The new range responds to precise operating criteria, and was designed and tested to guarantee total reliability of use, also with continuous operation.
Thanks to the use of power supply switching with SMPS (switch mode power supply) technology and obtaining 70/100V electronically without transformers, it was possible to insert as many as 4 entirely independent audio power amplifiers in a single cabinet, succeeding in containing the weight and size.

Output power RMS: 4 x 125W
Inputs: 4 X balanced line - 4 X Priority unbalanced line
Input Sensitivity: Line: 1V/47k? - variable gain 600?
Controls:4 Master volume controls - 4 treble tone controls - 4 bass tone controls
Loudspeakers outputs: 100/70V/4Ohm
Frequency response: 20Hz -20khz (-3dB)
Distortion (THD): < 0.5% (@ Pnom 1KHz)
S/N Ratio: ?90dB
Power Supply: 230/117Vac 50/60Hz
Operating temperature: 0 -40°C
Input/Output Connectors: screw terminals/terminal block
Power Consumption: 1000VA
Dimensions (LxHxP) (mm): 434x88.5x425 – 2 rack units 19”
Weight (Kg): 9.75Kg (21.5lb)
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Specifikation 160006001 leverantör PA AUP4125S