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PROEL introduces in the STAGE GEAR family a Series of 8 new exciting models. The 100 Series includes a range of accessories and useful tools, ranging from D.I. Boxes and Headphone Amps to Signal Splitters, Tube Preamps and Power Supply Units, designed to complement audio systems in stage applications, recording studios and fixed installations. Hosted in a stylish extruded and stackable aluminum shells or in sturdy metal chassis, the 100 Series products are meant to deliver sound quality, versatility and stage-proof reliability in a very aff ordable package.

Active Direct Injection Box
High quality isolation transformer for ultra-flat frequency response
Low-noise OP amps with high-quality sound performance
XLR-F and ¼” JACK input connectors + ¼” JACK link - XLR-M balanced output
20dB PAD and GND lift switch
Stackable aluminum shell
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