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160W, 70/100V, 4Ohm professional mixer amplifier complete with multimedia module with Tuner FM, MP3 player on SD MCC/USB support and Bluetooth connection.

This new series of audio power amplifiers was designed to fulfil an evolving market in the most flexible and professional manner.

The new range responds to precise operating criteria, and was designed and tested to guarantee total reliability of use, also with continuous operation.

Thanks to the use of power supply switching with SMPS (switch mode power supply) technology and to the constant voltage output 70/100V obtained electronically without transformers, it was possible to design the amplifier in only two rack units, succeeding in containing the weight and size.


· Speakers overload and short-circuit protection circuit
· Led start-up indicator
· Led level indicator
· Volume general control (Master)
· Controls separated by Level for the 1÷5 inputs
· Low and high pitch adjustment
· Illuminated knobs
· Multimedia module with radio tuner, MP3 player on USB/SD support and Bluetooth connection
· 4 MIC / MIC Phantom 48V / LINE inputs balanced on Euroblock terminal
· 3 AUX switchable inputs from front selector
· 1÷4 Inputs with independent priority function (VOX / Contact) on other inputs selectable by dip-switch 1÷4
· Function MAIN - IN/OUT
· 3 outputs, one at constant 4? impedance and two at constant voltage (70/100V)
· CHIME function independent for each input (routing)
· REC OUT output on RCA
· Line level output balanced on Euroblock terminal
· 230/117V~ 50/60Hz autoswitch power supply
· 2U 19" rack adapters
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Specifikation 160009002 leverantör PA ATMP160XL