PROEL Compact Amplifier 30W
160007001 leverantör:
AMP03VR was specifically designed to deliver announcements and/or music programs through P.A. systems. It can be powered both from a standard AC mains network or by 12 V DC, therefore it is particularly useful for audio distribution on board vehicles.


MP3 file recorder/player module
Two MIC inputs
One PHONO/AUX input with selectable sensitivity
LED power indicator
Master Volume
MIC1 Volume Control
MIC2 Volume Control
AUX Volume Control
Low and High Tone Controls
A screw for ground wiring
Four outputs: three constant voltage outputs (100 V/70 V/25 V) and one constant impedance output (4 W)
MIC1 Input Priority Function
Optional Vehicle Mounting Kit with fixing bracket for the amplifier and power cable with fuse
Power supply: 220 V AC / 117 V AC 50-60 Hz ; 12 V DC
4 053 kr
Specifikation 160007001 leverantör PA AMP03VR