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2-CH column system - 400W peak - MP3 / USB /SD player with STEREO BLUETOOTH - 2 MIC/LINE + 1 STEREO IN - 1 LINE OUT- HI + LOW EQ - padded cover for columns included

  • Model: SESSION1 
  • Weight: 23.00Kg 
  • EAN: 8032496979272 
  • Warranty Extension: 4 Years 
  • This product has a minimum quantity of 1 

SESSION1 is a portable column system featuring multiple inputs and a versatile MP3 player with BLUETOOTH connectivity. Hosted in lightweight yet ultra-durable polypropylene cabinets, it is composed by a column with four high-definition 2.5” full-range speakers and a powerful 8” sub-woofer. The state-of-the-art electronics includes a sophisticated pre-amp section with active filtering and dual CLIP LIMITERS, and a powerful 2-channel 400W Class D power amplifier. The built-in MEDIA PLAYER is able to play songs from an SD card or a USB MEMORY STICK, but also from your smartphone or your tablet thru a BLUETOOTH connection, without the need of any cable. The built-in 3-channel mixer allows to connect two microphone or line sources and a stereo player, each one with independent level controls. A digital EFFECT is also available for microphone inputs. With a simple knob is possible to optimize the sound for speech, music or low boost applications, adapting the system to any situation. SESSION1 can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from speech diffusion and music playback to live music and DJ sets.

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EAN Code 8032496242062 leverantör SESSION1