PROEL Remote Control Panel for Matrix88
160002004 leverantör:
PA R88
R88 is a wall-mounted remote control to be combined with a MATRIX88 unit in the audio zone to which it is assigned. R88 controls the volume and the remote selection of 8 music programs, plus the OFF position and the Local Channel. The remote control panel features a LED display that shows which source is selected. The arrows scroll up and down the audio input channels and the 8 labels can be customized by the user to identify the sources. A UTP CAT5 cable provides power to the panel from the matrix if the cable run between the two is no more than 50 m. Whenever the cable length is longer than 50 m, an additional + 24 V DC power supply will be needed. A wall-mounting metal box for R88 is available.
2 400 kr
Specifikation 160002004 leverantör PA R88