QXL750 300h 77V 750W Ushio

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ETC Revolution 77V 750W
Ushio’s QXL (Quick eXchange Lamp) Halogen lamp, was designed in
conjunction with ETC’s new Source Four Revolution automated spotlight.
The QXL utilizes the proven performance characteristics
of the 750 watt HPL with increased lumen output.
The patented QXL base is revolutionary in that it allows the user
to quickly change the lamp with out opening the fixture.
This feature eliminates any issues with lamp alignment and optical settings.
Because overheating is a common adversary with Halogen lamps,
USHIO has developed new Heat-Shield technology that prevents
seal failure due to high thermal radiation generated from the Halogen capsule.
This ensures that 300 rated life hours will be achieved.

Wattage: 750W
Voltage: 77V
Average Life: 300 Hours
Color Temp: 3250K

High output of 22,950 lumens
522 kr
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Art.nr leverantör QXL750