HES SolaFrame 3000 black Ultra-Bright engine in Molded Inser

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Meet SolaFrame 3000, the new flagship luminaire
in High End Systems’ Sola Series range.
The SolaFrame 3000 combines unprecedented light output
from its 1000 watt Ultra-Bright White LED engine with
a limitless palette of effects and color possibilities.
Boasting more than 37,000 lumen output, the SolaFrame 3000
is the first automated LED luminaire to rival and even exceed
the output of the most powerful arc lamp fixtures.
The fixture is also available in a Hi-Fidelity version with
incredibly accurate color rendering.

- Ultra-Bright White LED Engine
- 1000W Ultra-Bright engine produces 37,000 field lumens or High-Fidelity Engine with incredible accurate color rendering
- CMY/CTO – Linear color mixing system
- 7 position replaceable Color Wheel
- Framing system for total control of beam shaping
- Iris, Light Frost, Prism and 7°-55° Zoom
- 7-position plus open interchangeable Gobo Wheel
- 7-position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheel
- Continuously Variable Animation Wheel
- TM30 Filter Boosts Ultra-Brite Engine to 85+ CRI
- Patented Lens Defogger
146 852 kr
Art.nr 208006012
Art.nr leverantör 2581A1200-B