Rosco Supergel 02 Bastard Amber
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Bastard Amber 0.61x7.62
Good where a tint of color is needed. Excellent for natural skin tones. (Transmission = 78%).

Rosco’s range of high-temp (HT), flame-retardant color filters

Supergel is regarded as one of the most widely used color filter ranges in the world.
It is comprised of more than 75 colors and 15 diffusions that are engineered using Rosco’s
exclusive body-colored, polycarbonate extrusion process to offer the longest possible life
under hot theatrical and film/TV light fixtures.
This unique manufacturing process also provides Supergel with unsurpassed heat-resistance,
color-stability and flame-retardancy.

Body-Colored Polycarbonate
Supergel features Rosco’s distinctive body-colored extrusion process.
The manufacturing of these filters begins by combining powdered resin and
dyes to create a concentrated color “pellet.”
This concentrated colorant and additional clear resin are then fed into an extruder where
they are blended together under intense pressure and heat. The mixture is then pushed
through a die, which forms it into body-colored, 24” (60cm) wide film.

Color Stability
In any color filter, the colorants or dyes eventually migrate away from the hottest area,
which causes fading and discoloration. The rate at which the filter fades is a function of
the dye employed and the depth of penetration by the dye into the base material.
When simply coated on the surface, a dye will sublimate from the base into the air more
easily than a dye that is uniformly locked by chemistry throughout the material.
The greatest color-stability is achieved when the dye is dispersed uniformly through an
extruded plastic base, as it is in Rosco Supergel filters.

Heat Resistance
Supergel is the most heat-resistant filter available. Unlike other plastic filters,
which begin with pre-formed rolls of clear polyester,
Supergel’s distinctive body-colored manufacturing process yields a polycarbonate filter that
is extruded into the exact thickness required for each color.
The polyester used in other filters, however, is essentially stretched into shape, which
leaves tension memory that can cause the film to pucker and distort when placed on
hot lights. In contrast, Supergel is extruded into its final state, allowing the film to
maintain its shape in high temperatures.
This is particularly advantageous when using color-scrollers, where puckering could
cause the scroll to bind.

Inherently Flame Retardant
Rosco Supergel filters are inherently self-extinguishing.
An advantage of manufacturing Rosco’s Supergel filters from raw, polycarbonate resin is our
ability to modify the chemistry of the plastic.
Recognizing the global importance of fire prevention, Rosco includes a fire retardant
additive in our resin formulation to create the only inherently flame retardant color
filter in the world. Supergel has been tested according to the strictest standards in
the US and Europe, and is the only filter range to have earned the demanding German B1 flame-rating.
It has also obtained the French M1 and the Italian CI flame-ratings, as well as NFPA classifications.
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