Rosco Supersat 59965 Cerulean Blue 5L
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Cerulean Blue 5L
Is a unique vinyl acrylic paint, packaged in concentrated form.
It is designed to be diluted with water, at least 1:1 and more.
With such tremendous extendibility, Supersaturated offers the widest range of effects
possible while being extremely economical to use.
Supersaturated achieves vibrant, opaque color fields on many different surfaces.
It also creates bright, translucent washes where the color remains similar in intensity
to aniline dyes, without the health hazards.
Supersaturated Roscopaint is formulated with a unique binder that gives it superior
adhesion, durability, and flexibility even on difficult surfaces like
Rosco Projection Screens and Rosco Dance Floors.
It can also be used as a tint in other water-based paints, binders and coating.

Available in 32 artists colors that are easily intermixed or
combined with other Rosco Scenic Paints.

Finish: Flat/Matte

Solvent: Water

Binder Type: Vinyl Acrylic co-polymer

Dilution: Dilute at least 1:1with water, Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze or a combination
of the two as necessary. Diluting will reduce the color concentration and
create "glaze" effects. Diluting with more than 5 parts water may reduce
binder strength. Add in Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze to
restore adhesion and flexibility.

Surface Preparation: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Prime porous surfaces, except fabrics, using Rosco Tough Prime. If painting a new plaster surface, prime wall with a commercial primer/sealer designed for raw plaster. Then use Rosco Tough prime as a final preparation.

Application: Stir contents well before each use. Apply by brush, roller, or spray gun.
Apply in thin uniform coats, using a good quality brush or roller.
Use overlapping strokes, keeping a wet edge.
Change roller direction often to avoid patterns and streaking.

Film Thickness: 1:1 Dilution = 1.5 mil. Dry Film

Coverage: 3:1 Dilution = Approx. 300 sq. ft. per gallon (28 sq. m. per 3.79L),
depending on substrate, application tool and film thickness.

Avg. Dry Time: At 75°F (24°C). Dries to the touch in 30-45 minutes.
Can be recoated in 1-2 hours.

Clean-up: Soap and water.

Shelf Life: Minimum shelf life for unopened, sealed paint is approximately
24 months when stored in a temperature controlled location.

Packaging: 1, 5 L available

CAUTIONS: Do not apply when surface or air temperatures are below 50°F (10°C).
Keep from freezing. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or
breathing of spray. Do not take internally.
Use adequate ventilation. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

All technical data, recommendations and service are accurate to the best of our knowledge.
Rosco assumes no responsibility for the results obtained or damage incurred from use by
the buyer in whole or in part since method of application and its use is beyond our control.
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