JB P12 PROFILE HP (High Power)

Art.nr leverantör:
640W 7000K 5,7-60deg
640 W white light LED module
HP (High Power)
6800 K
46,000 lm (25,000 lm Output)
CRI > 70
Zoom range: 5.7-60°
2 gobo wheels, each with 6 rotate-, position- and interchangeable gobos + open

CMY color mixing unit for fast and homogeneous color mixing + linear CTO

1 color wheel with 6 full and semi colors + open also linear color selection, color filters interchangeable
High CRI-Filter
2 frost filters (soft edge/flood frost), continuously variable - optional further frost stages possible

2 prisms, linear and circular, rotate- and indexable

Motorised infinitely adjustable high-speed iris

Electronic dimmer 0 % - 100 %
Animation effect / Sparkle effect
Focus system with auto focus function

Framing module with 4 blades - each fully closing (total curtain) and with separate motion and rotation control, module can be rotated by 110°
137 040 kr
Art.nr 202002010
Art.nr leverantör VSP121